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My name is Jonathan Ubeda and I am an aspiring filmmaker. I am a UF Alumni with a bachelor's degree in Telecommunication and a certificate in film fundamentals. I have been making films professionally for 6 years with my passion and expertise lying in Video Editing and Directing. I find both elements to be crucial when it comes to telling a story; Video editing for me is about having all these clips and trying to figure out how to piece it together like a puzzle. When it comes to directing, it's not just about getting people to follow your vision but how you bring out the best version of your crew by trusting them to do their job.

I have created commercials, trailers, skits, short films, and animated videos through using the adobe suite. I have a certificate in Adobe Premiere Pro in which I have learned color correction, J & L cuts, audio editing, multi-cam editing, etc. I have experience in animation and graphic design through using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects. I was the lead designer for my magazine club called Café Cultura where I used Adobe Indesign where I created two magazines, created bookmarks, posters and ads.